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Nailed It! How to avoid smudging your nails after painting them

Nailed It! How to avoid smudging your nails after painting them
It's very frustrating when I smudge my nail art or my mani.
There are a few things we can do here to protect our nail art:

Working on clean nails

A perfect nail art design starts with perfect clean nails. Oily nails allow the nail polish to stay wet and smudge easier. Clean your nails with nail polish remover using an ear bud.

When applying base coat

It is very important to use a base coat. Not only will this prepare your nails with a smooth canvas for that amazing nail art idea, but also will avoid your nails being stained by the nail polish. However it's super important to let this layer dry before starting your nail art design. Applying polish over wet polish will create a mushy surface that eventually will be smudged as it will take a very long time for all the layers to become dry.


When applying Top Coat

It is very important to apply top coat. It makes your nail art design shine however it can also ruin that beautiful design you created. Make sure to apply a thin coat. A heavy top coat means that it takes longer to dry and you have to wait much longer to apply the second coat.
When you apply the second coat, make sure your first layer of top coat is completely dry. If you apply a second top coat when the first top coat is not dry, you will end up with a mushy layer of polish and most times in my experience you get smudged nails.
A good trick to check to see if your nail polish is dry is to gently touch two nails together. If you can separate them without a sticky feeling, then your nail polish is dry. I like this tip because you can touch the two sides and if your polish is still wet, your whole nail art design is not ruined.


How to dry your nail art quicker

There are a number of tricks that we can do to help our nail art design dry quicker.

Apply oil on freshly painted nails:

Oil will accelerate the drying process. I use spray oil however you can empty an old nail polish and wash the bottle. Then fill it with olive oil and apply it like nail polish.

Ice baby Ice: 

Icy water helps solidify the nail polish and therefore it dries faster. Dip your nails into a bowl of icy water and wait a few seconds.

Use ready products:

There are many products such as drops and sprays out there that help expedite the drying process. Below are some of the products available in the market. My absolute favourite is Essence Quick Dry Drops. 


Hot shower after you have finished your nail art design

Never ever have a hot shower after designing or even painting your nails. It is ok to wash your hands with cool water however hot water or steam can cause your polish to smudge.

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  • Dania Azher: November 11, 2017

    Thank you so much! That was incredibly informative and useful information. I will definitely be keeping in mind these tricks the next time I put on nail polish!

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