Mitty Detailed Cleaning Kit

Mitty Detailed Cleaning Kit

$79.00 AUD

Mitty Detailed Cleaning Kit:

You've seen Mitty nail art brushes, you've seen the reviews by some of the biggest Instagram and Youtube channels out there. Mitty brushes has been a huge success hit of Instagram and Youtube.  Mitty is super excited to introduce our detail & Clean up brushes, possibly the best quality brushes available. Mitty brushes have the reputation of premium quality, and these detail & clean up brushes deliver. If you want to do detailed nail art designs and clean up super easy afterwards you need a Mitty Detailed Clean Brush Kit.

Each Mitty Detailed Cleaning Kit Contains:

1x Mitty Detail Brush Peachy #000

1x Mitty Detail Brush Candy #00

1x Mitty Detail Brush Minty #0

1x Mitty Detail Brush Daisy #1.0

1x Mitty Clean Pro Angular

1x Mitty Clean Pro Flat

1x Mitty Colour Pop *Mess resistant* pouch

Cleaning your Mitty brushes:

The premium quality bristles can be easily cleaned with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover.
Always clean your brush immediately after use. (So don't let the polish dry....OK)
We recommend the use of non-acetone polish only.
For more information, visit our care instruction page.




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