Galaxy Undercoat

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What is Galaxy Undercoat?

It is a special formula that allows you to control the ink and it helps the ink flow onto the nails to create smoother marble effect finish. It can also be used as a blooming gel. This formula and products are only available at Mitty. 

What are the differences between using and not using Galaxy Undercoat? 

Most inks in the market, don’t have a specially formulated undercoat. Also some inks in the market have too much alcohol in them. 

What does this mean to you? The colours are not very vivid and because of too much alcohol, which is liquid, the ink runs and you can’t control it to create different designs. Furthermore, because these inks don't have a Galaxy Undercoat, they will just stay in place where your brush touches the nails and go a very light colour. This is not idea for creating amazing nail art designs. 

Mitty inks are designed the other way meaning they have very little alcohol and lots of vivid colour. On top of that, we have the secret formula, our Mitty Galaxy Undercoat. 

This means:

With Mitty Galaxy Undercoat, you control the design. 

Without Mitty  Galaxy Undercoat, the ink will NOT run and allows you to create shapes such as flowers, leaves etc…

Super easy to create unique designs.

1. Apply Galaxy Undercoat. Cure for 10 Seconds with Mitty 54W cordless LED lamp.

2. Apply Galaxy Splash Coat. Drops, brush strokes, its up to you. Experiment. Let Dry totally...I know its a long 45 seconds.

3. Apply Mitty Non-Wipe Top Coat, cure for 60 seconds. Done

4. Sit back and admire your amazing nails babe :)

    PLEASE NOTE: Curing time may differ depending on the voltage of your nail art lamp.

    Size:  10 ml

    Cruelty FREE, 100% Vegan.