Portable Nail Drill

$499.00 AUD

Professional Electric Nail Drill:

The Mitty Portable Nail Drill is a professional nail drill system featuring a light-weight, battery-powered and acetone resistant body. It's smooth and quiet design, along with 10-hour battery life, make this piece a must-have for professional nail technicians. Take your nail game to the next level with Mitty innovative collection of nail electronics.

This is the most powerful, smooth, quiet  nail drill EVER! With no vibration whilst you are using it at any speed. 

Mitty nail drill advantages:

1. 24v Output (Super high Torque) double the power of others

2. Portable, go anywhere with handy protective carry case

3. Rechargeable (only 2 hrs) with 10 hours battery Life

4. Vibration FREE & whisper quiet

5. Forward & Reverse Switch

6. Variable Speed Control

7. True Speed 35,000 RPM

8. Auto-stop protects against overload

9. Acetone resistant

10. Full-view Digital LCD screen

11. Power & Charging indicator

12. Wide voltage switch AC100-240v

13. Built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery

14. 12 Month Australian warranty

What actually makes a nail drill best?

Nail Drill Speed: Is it the RPM, 35,000 RPM?

Nope! Most drills have the ability to achieve 35,000 RPM. Not that you will likely ever put the drill onto top, top speed, its just too fast and risks damaging the nail bed. So don't be fooled into believing that's how powerful a drill is.

Is it nail file drill battery Life?

Yes. The Mitty electric file has  a battery life of up to 8-10 hours with a 2 hour re-charge. Other less quality drills will last half as long as a Mitty Drill.

Is it the nail drill machine Noise and Vibration?

Yes. The Mitty e-file is smooth, quiet, vibration FREE. A much better electric file to work with and a lot better experience for your client and less harmful to you. Other less quality drills vibrate up you arm, make enough noise to make your client nervous which also has potential of causing pain and damage if you are using the e-file regularly, not Mitty e-file.

Is it being portable nail drill?

It can be. The Mitty nail drill is totally portable and amazing for both manicures & Pedicures. Your Mitty drills comes with a Hip holster & Pack up carry case too take your Mitty electric nail drill anywhere.....Bonus!

Is it when nail drill machine has a digital display?

Any drill that is at least half decent should have an easy to use and see digital display. It is 2020 not 1979. Your Mitty nail drill has an easy to see, easy to understand full digital display so you can at a glance see what speed you are, battery life, power level.

Is it the nail drill machine motor?

Yes 100%. Your Mitty nail drill has a brushless motor compared to cheaper carbon motors in most electric nail files. This means longer motor life, longer use time, and much quieter, quicker, and easier to use. 

Is it the nail drill Power also known as torque or output voltage? 

YES! YES! YES! Your Mitty e-file is in most cases twice as powerful as other drills.

An electric nail drill power is measured by torque also known as the output voltage. This is the power your e-file provides when you are using it. It is important not to mix it with input voltage or voltage. Input voltage is the power going out of the nail drill and into your nail drill. The higher the output voltage, the more power the e-file is providing to you whilst you are using it. 

Your Mitty nail drill has an output voltage of 24v, meaning MEGA power, MEGA torque. The Mitty electric file won't die on you when you try to remove big thicker enhancements like acrylic or dipping powder (SNS).

Other nail drills in the market are only 12v Output voltage. Some e-files don't even mention output voltage and go on about 35,000 RPM which is a marketing trick because the e-drill itself is weak, has no power and overheats quickly when you are using it. 

The Mitty nail drill has been tested by salons around Australia before being released with amazing feedback. The Mitty electric nail file is best quality guaranteed, the best nail file ever. 100% premium Salon quality. You simply won't find better.

Mitty Nail Drill User Manual:

Nail Drill Components:


Mitty Nail Drill Operating Instructions:

  • Charge the e-file prior to use for the first time until the nail drill is fully charged. It takes 8 hours for the battery to fully charge the first time but it shortens to 1.5-2 hours afterward. 
  • Plug the hand piece into the e-file
  • Insert the desired nail drill bit to the hand piece ensuring the barrel is moved to the locked position
  • Using the 4. Switch & Speed Controller, turn the e-file on and choose desire speed


Looking after your nail drill:

  • Do not charge e-file for over 12 hours
  • Turn your e-file off when it is not being used
  • Keep your e-file in a room with temperature from 0°C-  40C°
  • Keep your e-file away from excessive dust, heat and damp places
  • Take care not to drop the hand piece as it can damage the ball bearing and reduce the durability of the hand piece
  • This is a professional only product and the user must be trained in use of e-file
  • Always use the e-file on a dry & clean surface
  • Before each use, inspect for loose parts and unusual vibration. If an abnormal problem is detected, do not use and contact the store where you purchased the e-file or contact Mitty directly.
  • Don't attempt to disassemble the e-file by an untrained/unauthorised person. 

Mitty Nail Drill Maintenance:

  • Clean the e-file regularly with a soft cloth or brush to remove any dust and particles. Unplug the e-file before cleaning
  • This e-file is designed with Automatic Overload Protection to protect against over heating. Rest the e-file for 15 minutes after continual use at full capacity for an hour. 
  • Do not apply lubricant anywhere on the e-file
  • Do not place e-file in liquid
  • Ensure the cord that connects the e-file to hand piece is not bent too much. 
  • Do not unlock hand piece barrel whilst the e-file is on
  • To change from forward and reverse, ensure to turn the e-file off 


 Click HERE to review full user manual

Mitty Portable Nail Drill Kit includes:

1x Nail Drill Machine

1x Nail Drill Handle

1x AU Charges

1x Set of nail drill bits

1x White nail drill handle rest

1x Hip Holster

1x Carry Suitcase