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All of Mitty

All of Mitty: Luxury Nail Art Brushes & Tools

$60.00 AUD

What We Love about These Nail Art Brushes:

This little piece of heaven includes all the nail art tools that you will need to create stunning nail art designs. 6 luxurious Mitty nail art brushes with a limited edition Mitty Colour Pop *Mess resistant* pouch.
Our perfectly shaped nail art brushes are made with premium soft bristles, this ensures nail polish is distributed evenly with very little effort. Mitty brushes have a full metal body, but are still light weight. Adding up to a perfectly balanced brush that feels like true quality in your hand. With Mitty brushes you can design any nail art your heart desires. The only limitation is your imagination, with Mitty you can.
The Mitty bag is perfectly sized and shaped to care for Mitty brushes.It also doubles as the fabulous go anywhere accessory for keys, or even your phone.The outside of the Mitty bag is soft luxurious faux leather, whilst the inside is covered with special soft silk fabric that is often used for bridal gowns. So your Mitty nail art brushes will be very comfy in their silky Mitty bag.

Cleaning Nail Art Brushes:

The premium soft bristles can be easily cleaned with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover.
Always clean your nail art brushes immediately after use.(Dont let the polish dry...ok)
We recommend the use of non-acetone polish only.
For more information, visit our care instruction page.
Always keep your bag in a clean, dry place away from nail polishes. Although you can clean your bag with warm soapy water prevention is the key. If you do clean your bag, make sure you use a gentle soup and apply conditioner afterwards.

How to Use These Nail Art Brushes:

These brushes can be  used for many different applications individually. However by combining them together you can create many more  stunning nail art designs. The possibilities are endless. Check out the below video by @xnailsbymiri showing a stunning beautiful design using "All of Mitty".

Nail Art Brush Details:

1 Brush bag.
1 I'm Fan-tastic Brush Brush.
1 Lots of Dots brush with Lid.
1 Stripy Glamour Brush with Lid.
1 Angle Me Brush with Lid.
1 Fabulously Flat Brush with Lid.
1 Shape n Lines Brush with Lid.

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