Shape n Lines

Shape n Lines

$9.95 AUD

What We Love about this Nail Art Brush:

The Mitty Shape N Lines brush tip can be used in 2 ways. Transform the tip into an oval shape when pressed, and use its pointy triangle edge to help shape your designs. Make the tip oval for small nails or pinky nails, while the pointy tip can be used to clean/back wipe. Well-suited for painting a small area evenly.
This Mitty Shape N Lines brush body is perfectly shaped and balanced. The premium quality soft bristles ensure nail polish is distributed evenly and preciously with little effort. This brush just simply fits into the contours of your hand, you can feel the quality from the acetone resistant metal body.

How to Use This Nail Art Brush:

This brush is ideal to create nail art by using its tip for thin lines, or the flat side for a broad-brush stroke look. This brush can be used to paint your whole nail or to create designs like the one below.
Click on picture to review step by step tutorial.

Cleaning Nail Art Brushes:

The premium soft bristles can be easily cleaned with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover.
Always clean your brush immediately after use. (So don't let the polish dry.....ok)
We recommend the use of non-acetone polish only.
For more information, visit our care instruction page.
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Nail Art Brush Details:

1 Brush
1 Lid
Brush Head: Premium soft bristles
Body: Acetone resistant powder coated metal
Length:  15 cm

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