Ants on my Picnic Rug (1 Brush)

Ants on my Picnic Rug: Tutorial

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Oh no, cheeky ants are running away with our fruit! I really loved drawing this cheeky nail art and here’s how to re-create it.
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Paint your nails the colour of your choice, and then using Mitty. Stripy Glamour nail art brush draw 2-3 vertical lines and  then horizontal lines. You will now have some lines that have crossed on top of each other. Fill the cross over spots using the same nail art brush with a darker colour.  
Step 2:
Now, let’s draw those ants. Using Mitty. Stripy Glamour, draw a small line and then a small dot for the head of our ants.
Step 3:
Using the Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush, gently touch the tip of your brush to draw the legs.
Add some fruit decals on top.
Now your ants have taken their fruits and are running away.
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