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Spring Flower (2 Brushes)

Spring Flower: Tutorial


Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I simply love the fresh air and colourful flowers here in Melbourne.  I saw this flower at the supermarket and just had to recreate it on my nails.
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Using your Mitty. Fabulously Flat  brush, create the outline of your flower.
Tip: don't worry about the middle of your flower too much. You will cover it with a medium size diamante. 

Step 2:
Using Mitty. Stripy Glamour and white polish, add white shapes to the outer edges of your flower. 

Step 3:
Using Mitty. Stripy Glamour and black polish, draw fine lines around your flower.
Tip: Mitty. brushes are luxury high quality hair. This allows you to shape your brush whilst its wet. To create super fine line, dip your brush into acetone free nail polish remover, and then push the side and top of the brush to create a sharp edge.

Step 4:
Using Mitty. Stripy Glamour and green polish, draw the stems.


Step 5:
Put clear polish on top and with a set of tweezers add the medium size diamante .
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