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Candy Cane (1 Brush)

Candy Cane: Tutorial

$9.95 AUD

Yum is the first things that comes into my mind when I think of candy canes. This nail art idea is for beginners and anyone can do it. Promise!

What you’ll need:

Step 1:

Paint your nails in white. Using Mitty. Lots of Dots, add dots close to each other to create a horizontal line. If you need more info on how to do dots, click here.


Step 2:

Repeat previous step in between the horizontal lines with a different colour.


Step 3:

To create the candy cane, add dots to draw the outline of a candy cane.

Tip: don’t worry if your dots are different size, it will make your design look vibrant.


Step 4:

Repeat previous step in between the dots with green colour.


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