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Neon Lips (2 Brushes)

Neon Lips: Tutorial

$19.90 AUD

Here is a super cool party design! 
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Paint your nails the colours that you like. I used neon colours for extra pop.
Step 2:
Using Mitty Stripy Glamour brush, draw the shape of lips on your ring nail.
Step 3:
Dip Mitty Lots of Dots into the polish and gently place the top of the Mitty Lots of Dots on your nail. Repeat steps to place dots all over your nail. To learn how to create dots, visit our step by step instructions here.
Top tip: For the best results, dip your Mitty. Lots of Dots in the polish for every dot.
Step 4:
Paint your nail with top coat. While the top coat is still wet, with a tweezer place your diamantes in the middle of your lips. Kiss kiss!
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