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Fan of Daisies (2 Brushes)

Fan of Daisies: Tutorial

$19.90 AUD

This is another way of using the  Mitty I'm Fan-tastic brush. I especially love the daisies. It’s a fun design.  
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Gently touch the top of the Mitty. I'm Fan-tastic brush into the nail polish, then brush across your nail sideways and then from top to bottom.
Step 2:
Repeat step 1 with a different darker colour.
Step 3:
Using Mitty.Lots of Dots, place 5 dots next to each other in a circle to create the outline of your daisy.
Repeat this step, until you have 3 daisies.
Using Mitty. Lots of Dots, place a white dot in the middle of your daisies
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