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Pray for Paris (1 Brush)

Pray for Paris: Tutorial

$9.95 AUD

On the 13th Nov 2015, there were a number of terrible attacks in Paris resulting in over 120 innocent deaths. Watching the TV, I wanted to do something to show that my thoughts and prayers were with the victims and their family. This design has combined the peace symbol and the Eiffel Tower. (Not my design, not sure who first created it as there are so many different variations right now that it is hard to say)
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Using your Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush, draw 3 vertical lines.

Step 2:
Using the same brush, draw a horizontal line. 

Step 3:
Continue on the horizontal line and create an arch using glitter polish. 

Step 4:
To create the flower, using Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush and draw the outline of your flower in a pink colour.
Whilst the polish is still wet, add a drop of your base colour polish in the middle of your flower and gently swirl around with Mitty. Stripy Glamour to create the flower.


Step 5:
Put a coat of clear polish. With a set of tweezers add your small diamante.
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