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My Playful Kitty (2 Brushes)

My Playful Kitty: Tutorial

$19.90 AUD

If you are looking for a cute look, then this one is for you.
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Using Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush and a light shade of blue, draw lines to create the shape of a rope and a circle at the end.
Step 2:
Using the darker blue and Mitty. Lots of Dots, place angular lines in the middle of your rope with small gaps between these lines. Also randomly draw lines inside the circle to create shades in a  ball of yarn.

Step 3:
Using Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush, draw small lines in the middle of your dark blue dots with the lightest shade of blue.
For the cat, I found a cute pussy cat sticker. 
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