Nail Drill Training- 5 September 2022

$199.00 AUD
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Become an E-File Expert!

E-file’s are becoming more and more popular in their use, not only for just removing Acrylic and Gel extensions but even for preparing the nail surface for products. Without proper knowledge or training this could lead to a long list of errors for your clients.

E-file’s take the load off of your hands and wrists and speed up a service, they definitely become your best friend in the nail salon.

What you will learn:

- Get familiarised with components of Mitty e-drill and drill bits provided

- Which drill bit is used for what purpose

- Yellow to black bands: What do they mean

- Correct hand position & control

- E-file settings for each drill bit

- How to look after your drill

- Benefits of the e-file and using it for your services.

- Potential health and safety issues explained as well as example images of damaged nails from use of an e-file

- Learn how to use your e-drill safely to avoid damaging nails

- How to sanitise of e-file bits

- When not to use an e-file

- How to efficiently and safely provide Manicure & Pedicure services using an e-file.

- How to remove product from the nail with an e-file

- What bits to use when removing acrylic

- What bits to use when removing gel

- What bits to use when removing SNS (dipping powder)

- How to utilise an e-drill for Full cover tip system such Mitty Gel Me Nail Extension System to create the perfect finish nail extensions

- How to use an e-drill to reduce length

Model Requirements:

Come with bare nails so you work on each other. 

Nail Certification:

A certificate of attendance will be issued the day after you have demonstrated your new skills.

Trainees Requirements:

  • Pen & Paper
  • BYO lunch/snacks if required
  • Come with bare nails.
  • Students must bring own drill and bits so that they can practice and get comfortable with the e-drill they use at their salon.

 Location: 47 Sydney Road Brunswick Victoria