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At Home Removal Kit - Mango

At Home Removal Kit - Mango

$50.00 AUD

This kit gives you everything you need to remove your old tired mani, even 10ml of Acetone. You will be set to remove!!!
You also receive Mitty Cuticle Juice to re-hydrate your nails & cuticles naturally. 
How to remove your old mani.
1. Using the nail file, file the product on your nails just enough so you kinda break the seal.
2. Apply Mitty Cuticle Juice to your cuticles and massage in. You only need one little drop per finger. This protects and cares for your skin/cuticles.
3. Cut the cotton pads into equal quarters with Scissors. Now put acetone onto a quarter of cotton pad. Place the cotton pad on your nail and slip your Mitty Polish Off Soakies over the top. (please see full instructions of reverse side of Polish Off Soakies packaging).
4. Leave your Soakies on for approximately 15-30 minutes. This depends on what you are soaking off from your nails. To accelerate the process heat up a wheat bag. Then wrap/place this on your Soakies so you feel the heat. Heat makes the acetone work faster.
5. Once you have removed your Soakies, use the cuticle pusher to remove any product remaining. Do not use force. If the product doesn't easily come off you haven't soaked your nails long enough in your Soakies. Repeat above steps and wait longer
6. Now use the nail buffer to smooth the surface of your nail. Add Mitty Cuticle Juice again and you are done. Old mani removed. You nails & cuticles will thank you :)
7. Final step if you choose to totally care & protect for  your nails apply Mitty Bounce base 

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