Protect & Shine

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Want your natural nails to be protected & grow, plus  look amazing?

This kit will allow you to protect your nails & look amazing with on trend beautiful nude colours. 

In this kit you get:

1x Mitty Non-Wipe Gloss Top Coat or Non-Wipe HOLO Top Coat (You Choose)

1x Mitty Bounce Base Nail Protector Passion Whisper or Beautiful Secret (You Choose)

1x Mitty PH Bonder 10ml

1x Mitty Primer 10ml


1. Remove your order mani with Mitty Remove & Care kit (if you have an existing mani).

2. Apply Mitty PH Bonder and let dry (Air dry no curing required).

3. Apply Mitty Gel Primer and let dry (Air Dry no curing required).

4. The above steps will ensure your Mani doesn't lift and your enhancement will bond to your nails

5. Apply two thin layers of Mitty Bounce Base, curing each layer for 60 secs.

6. Apply Mitty Non-Wipe Top Coat & cure for 60 secs. Enjoy your amazing nails