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Stretchies Unicorn POO PACK

Stretchies Unicorn POO PACK

$45 $53

Unicorn POO & Stretchies goodness combined. Links below for details

1x Unicorn POO Mega HOLO Powder (Valued at $28)

1x GeL-Me Stretchies White (Valued at $18)

Who really can be bothered struggling to draw perfect straight lines? No thank you! I found the perfect solution. Say hello to Mitty Gel Me- Stretchies.

Mitty Gel Me- Stretchies are the easiest way to create lines in no time. It gives the option of a cleaner, more linear look.

It's formulated to create a 3D rubbery line that can be shaped to any design that you want.

Can be applied over any polish and secured with a top coat or cured under UV/LED light. 


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