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Use on normal or gel polish! The choice is yours

With Mitty Fireworks you can design the most random bling, totally unique nailart designs EVER! 

The best part is that you don't even need gel polish. You can apply over normal polish or nail glue. Whoohoo 

It is made from chrome powder but comes in chrome strings which makes this the most amazing chrome powder EVER.

Still it's the shiniest, the brighest, the biggest BLING. You will be totally blown away by the results. It's quite possible  these chrome powder strings could be the best nail chrome powders in the GALAXY, even the UNIVERSE.

The Mitty Difference:

  • Use on normal polish or gel polish
  • Highly pigmented
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting result
  • Complete mirror chrome look

Easy nail chrome powder application steps:

1. Apply a base colour. The base can be normal nail polish or gel polish. 

2. There are a number of ways to apply. You can add a little bit of the flakes onto a surface and roll your finger into it for a random look. Or you can use a set of tweezers to apply where you want. 

3. Now take your Mitty Design Pro Angular fan brush, and wipe away the excess chrome powder. 

4. It is very important to apply a top coat otherwise the chrome powder will rub off. 

Handy hint: It’s easy to get the SUPER CHROME powder everywhere, all over your actual finger. Before you even apply the chrome powder put on Flawless Finish by Mitty Mani tapes to minimise clean up. 

FAQ about nail chrome powder:

1. Why is my nail chrome powder not working?

This can be due to a number of reasons.

If your nail chrome powder is not sticking to the nails:

You have over-cured your gel top coat. Your gel top coat needs a certain level of tackiness so the powder sticks to it. If you over-cure it, you will remove all the tackiness. 

This is easily fixed by curing your top coat for less time.

If your nail chrome powder is not shiny and looks dull:

This could be because of mostly two reasons.

1. You have undercured-cured your gel top coat. Your gel top coat needs a certain level of tackiness so the powder sticks to it. If you under-cure it, you will have too much tackiness which makes the powder look dull. 

This is easily fixed by curing your top coat for more time.

2. You are not using a none wipe gloss top coat. 

2. What is nail chrome powder is made off?

Nail chrome powder is made from chrome pigments, metal and glass plus fillers. The less filler you have like Mitty chrome powders, the shinier the result will be because fillers look dull. 

There are different type of powders like chrome powders, shimmer powders, and holographic powder. The difference in these are the pigment used which in return give you the different look. 

3. Is nail chrome powder safe?

Yes. Although it has pigments, metal and glass, these are tested and approved for cosmetic used. 

Mitty nail chrome powder is made with FDA, EU, & AU compliant ingredients. Cosmetic grade pigments.

Mitty chrome nail powder kit includes:

This pack has x7 Fireworks sets:

1x Shula (Red)

1x Basia (Green)

1x Tarsa (Silver)

1x Paru (Gold)

1x Blasa (Blue)

1x Vesta (Pink)

1x Flamma (Purple)