Latin Purpura

Latin Purpura

$25.00 AUD

Introducing Mitty SUPER HOLO, Latin series.

Purpura means purple in latin. #inspiration

Holo pigments with  multi dimensional particles technology, designed by Mitty.  SUPER HOLO delivers the most colourful holo effect ever seen. It's almost impossible, but some how works. You just have to experience it.

1.The base can be normal nail polish. Any dark colour is OK as each colour gives a different effect. We recommend black for the best result.

  2.Now you need to apply your top coat. With Mitty SUPER HOLO powder, you can use sticky base coat, nail adhesives or non wipe top coat that is cured under the LED/UV light.

  3.Dip the colour side of the applicator in your Mitty SUPER HOLO powder and then rub it onto your nail. You will need to rub away until your nails shine.

  Now turn the applicator and use the white side to finalise the SUPER HOLO process. This will give you an even shiny look.

  Handy hint: It’s easy to get the SUPER HOLO powder everywhere, all over your actual finger. Before you even apply the chrome powder put on Flawless Finish by Mitty Mani tapes to minimise clean up.

  4.Now take your Mitty Design Pro Fan-cy fan brush, and wipe away the excess chrome powder. 

  5.It is very important to apply a top coat otherwise the SUPER HOLO will rub off. You can use normal top coat or gel top coat. If you want to use a normal top coat, make sure it is super shiny and a quick drying one.

 Each SUPER HOLO Powder set contains:

1x 0.5g of SUPER HOLO powder with particles technology

2x Soft easy to use applicators

1x handy resealable pouch, so you can store your powder in the draw and it doesn't spill.

 Mitty SUPER HOLO powder is made with FDA, EU, & AU compliant ingredients. Cosmetic grade pigments. We value your safety.

A huge thank you to the amazing @snowglobenails for the stunning nail art and her talented hubby @ashdimages for amazing pictures.

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