Advanced Gel Manicure- 15 September 2024

$199.00 AUD

Embark on a journey to master professional gel manicures with our "Advanced Gel Manicure" course. Designed for all levels, this training provides expert-led lessons, demystifying gel products and equipping you with flawless application techniques. Whether you seek to save on salon visits, express creativity through nail art, or enjoy self-care, this course empowers you to become your own nail artist. Join us to acquire valuable skills and discover the joy of crafting stunning, long-lasting gel manicures. Beauty begins with the right knowledge – Enroll today!

What you will learn:

1. Understanding Gel Products

  • Explore the different types of gel products available in the market.
  • Learn the key differences between gel polish, builder gels, and topcoats.

2. Essential Tools and Supplies

  • Identify the necessary tools and supplies for a successful gel manicure.
  • Understand the importance of each tool in achieving professional results.

3. Preparing Your Nails & Sanitation

  • Master the art of proper nail preparation to ensure a long-lasting gel manicure.
  • Learn sanitation practices for a hygienic and safe home manicure.

4.Shaping and Cuticle Care

  • Explore different nail shapes and techniques for shaping.
  • Understand the importance of cuticle care in achieving a polished look.

5. Applying Base Coat

  • Learn the correct application of base coat for a smooth and even foundation.
  • Understand the curing process and optimal curing times.

6. Gel Polish Application

  • Explore techniques for applying gel polish without streaks or bubbles.
  • Understand layering for vibrant colours and achieving an even finish.

7. Sealing the Deal with Top Coat

  • Explore the different types of topcoats and their purposes.
  • Understand the proper application of top coat for a glossy, durable finish.

8. Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  •  Identify common problems such as chipping, peeling, or uneven application.
  • Learn effective troubleshooting techniques to address issues.

9. Gel Manicure Maintenance

  • Understand how to safely remove gel polish at home.
  • Learn tips for maintaining and extending the life of your gel manicure.

10. Pro Tips and Resources

  • Discover insider tips for achieving salon-quality results at home.
  • Explore additional resources and tools to enhance your gel manicure skills.




5/62 Fallon Street, Brunswick

Who can attend: 

Any skill level

Model Requirements:

Come with bare nails so you work on each other. 

Mitty Certificate:

Complete a final assessment to test your knowledge.
Receive a certificate of completion to showcase your mastery of gel manicure techniques.

Who will be teaching:

Mitty is Australia’s number 1 nail design brand. Providing training nationally in Australia, at Mitty, we are focused on ensuring that everyone who attends the training feels confident and ready. To do this, we use highly skilled, certified and in demand nail technicians with training background to train you. We also ensure our classes are small so that you get all the support that you need to learn. We also offer after training support as your success is how we measure the effectiveness of our training. 

 * Class is subject to minimum participants. If this is not achieved, you will receive a credit to attend another training or spend online.