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Funky Holo Nails

Funky Holo Nail Art: Tutorial


Right now the biggest trend in nail art is the Holo magical fairy dust powders and I thought why not mix it up and make it even more fun. So I chose to create this super shiny holo nails with a twist. I asked myself, what would happen if I change my base colour from black to say purple? 
What you’ll need:


Paint your nails with gel or normal dark purple nail polish and add a gel non wipe top coat. (you could use some normal top coats however best holo results are created with gel non wipe top coat.)

Now use your Mitty Flawless Finish mani tape to protect around your fingers for no clean up.


Now using your Mitty Shape n lines brush, gently tap the Holo powder on top of your nail. 

Add top coat.

See, super duper easy! 

Tip: If you struggle to take your gel polish off and like me you are tired of fussing over foil, why not check Mitty Soakies! These make taking gel polish sooooo easy!


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