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How to apply Chrome Powder (Mitty Chrome Pack-Blue)

How to apply chrome powder


Chrome nails are the newest trend in nail art and have taken over social media like Instagram. 
Mitty has created a step by step guide on how to create the mirror chrome look.
What you’ll need:


Step 1:

Paint your nails black. You can use Gel or normal nail polish for this step. 

Step 2:

Now you need to apply your top coat. Super important, this must be Gel top coat. We recommend a no wipe Gel top coat. If you use normal top coat, do NOT wipe it. Once applied, place your nails under your UV/LED lamp until the top coat is 100% dry.

Step 3:

Now dip the colour side of the applicator in your Mitty Chrome powder set in the chrome powder, and then rub it onto your nail. Make sure you use generous amount of powder for shiny finish.

Now turn the applicator and use the white side to finalise the buffing process. This will give you an even shiny look.

Handy hint: It’s easy to get the chrome powder everywhere, all over your actual finger, and it’s hard to get off your skin. Before you even apply the chrome powder put on Flawless Finish by Mitty Mani Tapes to minimise clean up.

Step 4:

Wipe away excess powder using your Mitty I'm Fan-tastic brush, fan brush.

Step 5:

Apply a top coat. You can apply a normal top coat or Gel top coat. 


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