A Bunch of Flowers Design

A Bunch of Flowers Design

$200.00 AUD

This is an elegant design that pops.

For this design you need:

  • Mitty White Mallow
  • Mitty Black Magic Gel Pod
  • Mitty Pure White Gel Pod
  • Dotting Tool Due
  • Mitty Bling Cling
  • Mitty Salon Series 3mm
  • Mitty Salon Series 9 mm
  • Mitty non-wipe Gloss top coat
  • Mitty Velvet non wipe

You can purchase all of these amazing products to recreate this look by simply adding this tutorial to your cart.

How to create this look:

  1. Paint the whole nail. I added velvet matte top coat to the nails without any design.
  2. Dip the tip of your dotting tool into the white gel pod and gently place 5 dots, one next to another creating a circle. It is ok if the middle is not covered.
  3. Dip the tip of your dotting tool into black gel pod & gently place 1 dot in the middle of your flower.
  4. Using the whole length of the bristles on your 11mm brush draw two long arches with the black gel pod
  5. With your 3mm brush, draw two arches opposite each other to create a leaf. Add top coat
  6. Using your gem glue, add random small gems.

        Enjoy our video tutorial. Please email us info@mitty.com.au if you have any questions.

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