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Mitty Build-Me Gel is an all-in-one formula for the perfect working consistency. No monomer, no mixing, no ratios.

The odorless formula allows you to work as fast or as long as you want. A 50ml tub & easy to use brush application allows you to use just what you need for no wasted product.

This amazing formula is a mixture of builder gel and poly acrylic. The unique versatility of the Build-Me Gel formula allows you to use it as builder gel, poly acrylic with or without tips, and even 3D gel.

What makes this formula unique is that it keeps its shape and will not run. This is a perfect 3 in 1 combination for all your nail extension needs. Even better, this formula requires minimum filing. 

Build-Me Gel is super LIGHT (You won't even know you have enhancements)

Build-Me Gel is super STRONG (Stronger than hard gels for long wear mani's)

Build-Me Gel is super EASY (Fast application, unlimited playtime, doesn't over level)

Build-Me Gel gets FLAWLESS results (From beginners to professionals)

Size: An awesome 50ml tub. 

100% Cruelty FREE & Vegan