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Totally Mitty Pack

Complete Nail Art Tool Kit

$190 $224

Totally Mitty Pack contains:

1x All of Mitty (6 Nail art brushes and a limited edition soft faux leather carry case) RRP$59.95

1x Mitty Rainbow of Brushes pack (4 fine detail nail art brushes in pastel colours,& 1x Pro Angular, 1x Pro Flat clean up brushes, 1x Pro Fan-cy brush, & 1x FREE Dotting tool, & A Mitty carry Case) RRP $81.49

6x Mitty Chrome Powder sets. (Copper Goddess, Silver Star, Blue Bullet, Pearly Pinkness, Gold Bullion, Green Menace) RRP $60.00

7x Flawless Finish Easy peel off Tape. (1 pack each of, Tangy Lime Green, Vader Black, Indigo, Mandarin Peel, Pink Ballet Slipper, Blue and  packs of Buttercup Bananas ) RRP $23.24

This pack is totally Mitty. With this pack you can design any nail art you want to. Watch Youtube, browse Instagram, discover new designs and do them with Mitty. You can Chrome (the latest look), do gradients, draw detailed designs, watermarble, or combine multiple looks whilst keeping clean with Flawless Finish.

Make sure you tag @mitty_burns with your designs so we can see you amazing work.



Why use Flawless Finish and not Liquid Latex?

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