Cordless LED Nail Lamp 54W


Portable LED Gel Nail Lamp

Mitty Cordless LED gel nail Lamp is here. This amazing led nail lamp is portable and cures both hard gel and soft builder gel.

This LED nail lamp features:   

    • RECHARGEABLE for a wireless manicure
    • FAST curing of all UV & LED gels with a total of 54W 
    • Smart DIGITAL Time Display
    • Smart TEMPERATURE PROTECTION with low heat option
    • 10, 30 & 60 second curing timer plus automatic infrared sensors
    • Easy to remove magnetic base for PEDICURES
    • LED's strategically located around the lamp to cure all FIVE fingers
    • LED lights life is over 50,000HRS
    • Battery last 300 x 30 seconds
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    • Output: DC24V
    • Size: 210mmx170mmx85mm (ideal for the desk or mobile work)
    Yes, there is NO globe replacement required for the life of this lamp!

    *Please note: Australian orders will come with Australian Electrical Plug. American orders will come with US Electrical Plug. Plug is a proper Power regulator not just a cheap adapter.

    Mitty LED Gel Nail Lamp Instructions:

    Charging Instructions (First use)

    When you unbox your nail lamp, ensure it is turned off before starting to charge (the on/off switch the little 0 should be down.)

    To charge your Mitty LED lamp, connect power supply that came with your nail lamp to the LED lamp and power point. (**Very important only use this power supply at all times**) 

    Turn on power at power point, you will see blue lights come on. Do not turn the lamp on, let it charge. (sometimes 2-3 blue lights will come on)

    Charging for first use should be 8hrs. Even if all 4 lights are solid blue, let your lamp charge for 8hrs for the first use

    Useful tips to know about your Mitty nail lamp

    We recommend charging your Mitty 54W nail lamp every day after use. Do not leave lamp on charge over night unattended.

    Mitty 54W LED lamp can be used cordless or connected to a power supply.

    The charge level of your LED nail lamp:

    The lights on the top of your nail lamp, indicate how charge your nail lamp is. 

    4 Blue lights = full charge, 3 Blue Lights = 3/4 charge

    2 Blue Lights = 1/2 charge, 1 Blue Light = 1/4 charge

    Last light indicating RED = Do not cure without charging first or connecting to power supply via adapter

    Please note this amazing lamp has a standby function. The lamp turns itself off if not being used. To turn it back on, press on any of the timing buttons. 

    What products will this LED nail lamp cure?

    This amazing cordless LED nail lamp cures:

    • Gel Polish
    • Builder Gel
    • Soft Gel
    • Hard Gel
    • PolyGel
    • PolyAcrylic
    • Gel Pods
    • And any other gel based products

    FAQ about LED nail lamp:

    Is LED nail lamp safe to use?

    The short answer is Yes.

    This nail lamp is designed to cure nail products containing LED only photo-initiation that utilise the LED section of the light spectrum to cure and harder the product. This means the LED light exposed to your nails and fingers are within the proven safe light range and will not be harmful to your skin. This makes the LED nail lamp a safe option to use. 

    Is UV or LED nail lamp better for you?

    We strongly recommend using a LED nail lamp as it is proven to be safe but also other benefits are:

    • Shorter cure time
    • Long lasting
    • LED lights are not required to be replaced

    Do LED nail lamps need replacing?

    Not likely if you look after your nail lamp. This is one of the benefits of purchasing a good quality and reliable LED lamp. The LED lights will last a very light time and are not required to be replaced.

    Mitty LED Nail Lamp Warranty:

    Includes a 12 Month Warranty for manufacturing default. 


    This LED nail lamp kit includes:

    1x 54W LED nail lamp

    1x LED nail lamp charger