Cute Koala Nail Art

Australia Day Nail Art: Tutorial

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This one is just too cute not to recreate so go on and make sure you tag me @mitty_burns.

What you will need is:

 Step 1:

This fun style is easy however to get the perfect finish, it is best to protect around your nails. so put your Flawless Finish by Mitty mani tape to protect around your nails. 

Clean your makeup sponge with sticky tape to remove little hair and dust particles.

Then add your nail polish onto the sponge.

Note: Sponge will absorb the extra liquid which means you will need less layers of polish on your nails and it will also dry quicker. Alternatively you will need to add a few layers of nail polish and wait until each layer is dried.

Gently tap the sponge on your nail.

Tip: Make sure the polish is wet on the sponge otherwise you will be left with little pieces of sponge on your nails. If the polish is drying, just simply add more.

Tip: Wait until each layer is dried before applying next layer.

 how to apply ombre

Step 2:

Now using add a few drop of white polish onto your baking paper. Using your  Mitty Candy 00 detail brush to draw the outline of your Koala.

free hand nail art

 Step 3:

Now fill in the outline of your Koala with your light brown polish.

animal nail art design 

 Step 4:

Now using your detail brush Peachy 000 draw a fine black line on the edge of your Koala as well as the ears.

cute nail art design

 Step 5:

With your dotting tool, add the eyes and the nose.

Add a quick drying top coat.


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