Cute tiger nails

Cute Tiger Nail Art: Tutorial

$19.90 AUD

This is a super fun nail art however you will need a super tiny nail art brush like Mitty Peachy 000 so that you can paint the small details. 
What you’ll need:



The first step is to paint your nails. The ring finger and the middle finger are painted yellow and the rest are painted dark blue. Once your base polish is dried, using your white nail polish, create a half a circle on the bottom of your  ring finger. 
Now using the black nail polish and your tiny Peachy 000 detail brush, draw a line around your white half circle. Now fill in the nose, mouth and draw the moustaches. 
Now in the yellow area, create random small arches.
Use your Mitty lots of dots to draw the eyes.
Now on your middle finger, use your orange polish and create random orange lines and dots. Using your Mitty Peachy 000, fill in around your orange lines and dots. Fill in the rest of the finger with random arches and dots.

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