Green & Gold Australia Day

Green & Gold Australia Day Nail Art: Tutorial

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This is a super easy design for the Australia Day:


What you will need is:

Step 1:

Paint your nails yellow. Don’t worry about getting a perfect even shade. 1 layer should be fine.

Step 2:

Put a mani tape like Flawless Finish by Mitty, or sticky tape, around your nails. This fun style is easy and fun however to get the perfect finish, it is best to protect around your nails from the polish.

Step 3:

Clean your makeup sponge with sticky tape to remove the little hair and dust particles. Add a layer of each colour on the sponge.

 Australia day nail art


Step 4:

Gently tap the sponge on your nail.

Tip: Make sure the polish is wet on the sponge otherwise you will be left with little pieces of sponge on your nails. If the polish is drying, just simply add more.

Tip: Wait until each layer is dried before applying next layer.

Australia day nail art 


Step 5:

Add a layer of quick drying top coat. This is a must otherwise you will not have a perfect even and smooth finish.

Step 6:

Remove your mani tape or sticky tape and clean any polish with an angular brush like Mitty Pro-Clean Angular brush. 

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