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Negative Space Ghosts by @nailthataccent (Detail Brush Kit)

Halloween Ghost Nail Art Tutorial


At Mitty, we love this stunning design by the talented Lindsay from Nail That Accent showing us how to create cute ghost halloween nail art. 
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Add a layer of good quality base coat to your natural nails. Let it completely dry.
Step 2:
Now using your Mitty detail brush Daisy 1.0 draw the outline of the ghost with your white nail polish. 
Step 3:
Fill the inside of your ghost in white using Mitty Peachy 000 detail brush.
Step 4:
You are now ready to draw the black lines outlining your ghost with your Mitty Minty 0 detail brush.
Step 5:
Now add a layer of quick drying top coat. 
Show us your recreation #look_mitty
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