Negative Space Ghosts by @nailthataccent (Detail Brush Kit)

Halloween Ghost Nail Art Tutorial

$49.95 AUD

At Mitty, we love this stunning design by the talented Lindsay from Nail That Accent showing us how to create cute ghost halloween nail art. 
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Add a layer of good quality base coat to your natural nails. Let it completely dry.
Step 2:
Now using your Mitty detail brush Daisy 1.0 draw the outline of the ghost with your white nail polish. 
Step 3:
Fill the inside of your ghost in white using Mitty Peachy 000 detail brush.
Step 4:
You are now ready to draw the black lines outlining your ghost with your Mitty Minty 0 detail brush.
Step 5:
Now add a layer of quick drying top coat. 
Show us your recreation #look_mitty
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