Roses are Red (3 Brushes)

Roses are Red: Tutorial

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Roses,roses,roses! What can I say? I love drawing roses on my nails. They just look fab. Don't you agree?
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Using Mitty. Angle Me brush, draw lines on an angle to create the shape of a rose.
Step 2:
Using a darker nail polish in the same shape (I used dark red) draw darker lines on edge of the light line you did previously with the Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush. 
Then using Mitty. Lots of Dots, place random dots with dark nail polish in the spaces between roses.
Step 3:
Using Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush, draw sharp single lines with white between the lines to define your rose pedals.
Step 4:
With Mitty. Stripy Glamour brush and a shade of green, gently draw your leaves.
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