How to Create Dots (1 Brush)

How to Create Dots: Tutorial

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This is the first step to learning nail art. There are so many designs that are created from dots and luckily it's super easy to learn.
What you’ll need:
Step 1:
Paint your nails the colours that you like.
Step 2:
Put a few drops of the darker polish on the baking paper. Either use the brush that comes with the bottle to do this, or simply pour the polish out really carefully. Then dip your Mitty. Lots of Dots into the polish, making sure you have enough on the tip.
Step 3:
Gently place the tip of your Mitty. Lots of Dots at the bottom and middle of your first nail. 
Top tip: For the best results, dip your Mitty. Lots of Dots in the polish for every dot.
Step 4:
Continue adding dots until you reach the tip of your nail. Then start the next row of dots, place a new dot in between each dot you created in the first row, so they’re alternating.
Repeat this until you’ve created enough rows to fill your nail with dots. Then do the same on the rest of your fingers, leaving your ring finger bare for the feature design.
Top tip: If your dots start to become bigger in size, clean the top of your Mitty. Lots of Dots.
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