Small Nail Remover Kit

$45.00 AUD

Remove SNS (Dipping), Acrylic, Gel Nail Polish & Gel Nails easily at home

This nail remover kit allows you to remove your nails at home. All you need to add is pure acetone. We give you everything else that you need to remove your nails.

The Mitty Difference:

  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Cruelty FREE
  • 100% Palm Oil FREE
  • 100% Pure Gel System

How to remove nails at home:

  1. File your nails to as much as you can with Mitty 100/100 Grit file. Make sure you don't file your own nails. Just the nail polish, or SNS or any other type of nail extension or products that you have.
  2. Cut a cotton pad into 4 pieces
  3. Soak the pad with pure acetone.
  4. Slip the 1/4 cotton pad inside Mitty Polish off Soakie and slide the Soakie onto your finger. A good trick is to fold the Soakies from the fold line and then slide the Soakie onto your finger and fold it back. 
  5. Wait 10-15 minutes.
  6. Using a cuticle pusher, remove the gel polish. Repeat previous steps if polish is not fully removed.
  7. Buff your nails.
  8. Use Mitty Cuticle oil to moisturise your cuticles and nails.

FAQ about removing nails at home:

1. How to remove SNS nails, dip nails, acrylic nails at home?

You can use this nail removal kit to remove any kind of nails except hard gel nails at home. The difference would be the time it takes to remove nails at home. Depending on how thick your nails are applied, it may take longer to remove your nails and you may need to repeat the process a few times. 

2. Is this at home removal kit safe for my nails?

Yes, this is the SAFEST way to remove your nails without damaging them. Why? Because damage to nails often happens when your natural nails are over filed. This at home nail removal kit, minimises filing your own nails which is why we use Mitty Soakies.

This nail remover kit contains:

1x Mitty 100/100 nail file
1x Mitty Cuticle Oil 10ml
2x Mitty Polish off Soakies Pack (10 individual Soakies)
1x Cuticle Pusher
4x Cotton Pads
1x Nail Buffer