Spring Flower Nail Art

Spring Flower Nail Art

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how to draw floral nail art
This amazing nail art is created by the talented @yagala.
What you need to re-create this nail art design is:

Step 1: How to Draw Angular Shapes

Dip the tip of your Mitty Stripy Glamour brush into the polish of your choice and draw line on an angle. Fill in the gap using either the same brush or the brush that comes with your nail polish.
Now draw a second angular line starting from the middle of your first line. Fill in the gap.

Step 2: How to Draw Flower

To draw a flower, we need to first draw 5 dots in a circle. To do this, dip the tip of your Mitty Lots of Dots into nail polish and gently place it on your nail. Repeat this 5 times, placing 1 dot after another to create a circle.
Now whilst the polish is still wet, use a toothpick and gently push the polish back from the centre of your flower towards the outer end. 
Now add dots along the line of the two colours allowing a little space between each dot.
Add clear top coat and place a crystal gem in the middle of your flower.
To clean around your nail, dip your Mitty Angle Me brush into the nail polish remover, and gently clean the excess polish.


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