Polish Off Soakies - Rainbow Fun.

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Why you need it:

If you are busy like me and don't have the time to wait to remove gel or  glitter polish, then this is the solution for you. Instead of waiting for ages and not being able to do anything else, Mitty Polish off Soakies removes gel and glitter polish fast. The bonus is you can continue to do stuff with your fingers, unlike other methods.....
Glitter polish: 2-4 minutes
Gel polish: 10-15 minutes.


What is it:

Mitty  Polish Off Soakies are Latex Free, Allergy Free, made from medical grade silicone to remove gel and glitter polish. Polish off Soakies snuggly fit around your fingers letting you do other stuff whilst removing gel and glitter polish. It captures the heat, which means it works faster & more effective than other methods.


What's special about Soakies:

  • Reusable many times. It's made from medical grade silicone which means unlike others, Soakies can be reused hundreds, possibly even thousands of times. 
  • Vegan & Cruelty free so you can be beautiful with a conscious
  • Extensively tested & recommended by your favourite nail artists
  • Proudly from Melbourne Australia.
  • Mitty is a trusted brand so you know it is premium quality and it works
  • Latex & Allergy Free

How to use:

Cut a cotton pad into 4 peices. Now place acetone on the pad, slip the pad inside your awesome Mitty soakie and slide the soakie onto your finger. Wait 10-15 minutes, your done, gel polish simply comes off. 

Keep in mind 10-15 minutes are suggested time and this is totally based on the type of nail polish remover you use. If you are removing glitter, you need to allow much less time, like 2-4 minutes. Always use your judgement and you can easily remove the cap to see if you need to allow more time or not.  

TIP: Rub hand cream around your nails to protect them.

Each pack contains 5 Latex Free, Medical Grade Silicon Mitty Polish Off Soakies.