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This pack contains a twin pack of Mitty Polish off soakies. The easiest way to take gel polish or glitter off, with no mess and so conveniently. You also get a 10ml Mitty Cuticle Juice Jasmine. Its been improved and enchanced with extra organic moisturising goodies. Cuticle Juice is the only cuticle oil available thats 100% organic, in fact certified organic.

Polish Off Soakies - Rainbow of Fun

We all love to use Chrome powder, Holo powder, but they need a Gel polish base. Or we just paint our nails with Gel polish because it last for ages. Only problem, it's so hard to remove. You have to wrap your fingers in Aluminium foil, or soak you entire finger tips in pure acetone. Or pick at the Gel polish for ages and damage your nails and your cuticle.

Mitty has the answer, Polish Off Soakies. Latex Free, Allergy Free, made from medical grade silicone. Can be reused hundreds, possibly even thousands of times. 

Super simple to use, just cut a make up remover pad into quarters. You can purchase packs of 100 or so for just a few dollars. So 100 pads = 400 fingers......

Now place acetone on the pad, slip the pad inside your awesome Mitty soakie and slide the soakie onto your finger. Wait 10-15 minutes, your done Gel polish simply comes off. The bonus is you can continue to do stuff with your fingers, unlike other methods.....

Keep in mind 10-15 minutes are suggested time and this is totally based on the type of nail polish remover you use. If you are removing glitter, you need to allow much less time, like 2-4 minutes. Always use your judgement and you can easily remove the cap to see if you need to allow more time or not.  

Each twin pack contains 10 Latex Free, Medical Grade Silicon Mitty Polish Off Soakies.

Cuticle Juice:

100% Australian Cuticle Juice feeds your skin. This fast penetrating formula adds flexibility to nails which are prone to breaks and stimulates healthy nail growth. Well groomed cuticles are the foundation of strong healthy nails.


Apply on clean skin. Gently press on bottle and apply a very small amount to each cuticle. Massage into the cuticle for best results.


Camellia Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Red Rasberry Oil, Passion Flower Oil, Hemp Seed Oil. All 100% Australian Certified Organic, Cold Pressed, Small batch, ensures freshness