Spring Flower Nail Art by @xnailsbymiri

Spring Flower Nail Art by @xnailsbymiri

$30.00 AUD

Firstly a huge thank you to the amazing Miri from @xnailartbymiri for creating this amazing nail art and tutorial using Mitty nail art brushes.

What you need to re-create this nail art design is:

Step 1: How to Draw Flowers

Using the tip of your Mitty Shape n Lines, draw 5 short lines which will represent the pedals. To do this, start from the outer edge of your pedal and without removing the brush from your nail. 
Now gently touch the edge of  Mitty Angle Me brush on your nails to draw the outer pedals of your flowers.
Using the edge of the same brush and a lighter shade of polish, add 5 lines next to each other in a circular pattern to create your smaller flowers.
Now use the Mitty Stripy Glamour and a green colour nail polish and gently draw small lines to shape the leaves  for your flowers. 

Step 2: How to Create Dots

To create dots, dip the head of your Mitty Lots of Dots into the polish and gently place on your nails without moving the dotting tool.

Step 3: How to Create Vintage Look   

For this technique, you will need to use your Mitty I'm Fan-Tastic brush. Gently dip the top of your brush into the polish making sure you don't have too much polish on your brush. Then draw small lines with the tip of your brush on your nails.
To clean up around your nails, use Mitty Fabulously Flat brush or alternatively use Flawless Finish by Mitty Mani Tape to get the perfect finish look.

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