Need to remove your nails at home and you are just not sure how? Follow these easy steps to learn how to remove your nails. You can use these steps to remove gel nail extensions, acrylic nails, SNS nails and  much more. The only difference would be the time is takes to remove your nails. Read more to find out how.

What products do you need to remove soft gel nail extensions?

how to remove nail extensions

    How long should the removal take?

    The removal process should take around 30 minutes. You can reduce this time if you use an e-file.

    How to remove nail extension?

    To remove, there are a few steps to do so that you can easily remove them. File as much of the nail extension as you can using a low grit nail file like Mitty 100/100 grit nail file. This step can be much easier if an e-drill (e-file) like Mitty portable nail drill and using Smooth Top Barrel-Medium nail drill bit if you are trained on how to use an e-drill.

    1. Now we need to soak the nails with pure acetone. Cut a cotton pad into 4 peices. Now place acetone on the pad, slip the pad inside your Mitty Polish off Soakies and slide the Soakies onto your finger.  If you don't have Mitty Polish off Soakies, you can use aluminium foil however aluminium foil is harder to use and it's not environmentally friendly.
    2. Wait 10-15 minutes and remove the Soakies. Use a cuticle pusher to remove softened gel. If all products are not removed, repeat step 1-3 until all gel products are removed.
    3. Once all gel products are removed, buff the surface of your nails and apply a good quality cuticle oil like Mitty 100% certified Australian organic Cuticle Juice

    Watch the video below showing how to remove nail extensions.

    Where to purchase a nail remover kit?

    At Mitty, we have the best nail removal kit for you with everything you need to remove your old tired mani, Except for Acetone which you can easily pick up from nailshops, pharmacies & hardware stores.

    This nail remover kit includes:

    1x Cuticle Pusher
    1x Mitty 100/100 grit nail file
    1x Buffer
    A selection of cotton pads
    1x Mitty cuticle oil
    2x Polish off Soakies 


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