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You can now buy Mitty products from these amazing stores:

We are super excited to be a part of team. This means that now delivery to UK and Europe will be even quicker. Whoohoo...

You can purchase these amazing products:

Located in Russia, we are super excited that the team at is ranging Mitty products.

You can now get these amazing products if you live in Russia and Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. 

You can purchase below products:


Super excited to partner with the amazing team at @nail-it-shop to make sure all our Mitty amazing lovers in Europe and Germany can get their loved Mitty goodies even quicker.

You can purchase below products:

 Mitty Stockist

A huge welcome to our new Mitty family member, Nail-Artisan, from the UK. We are delighted to have partnered with this awesome team to bring Mitty nail art tools to the UK and surrounding European countries.

You can purchase below products:

We are so over the moon excited to have Girly Bits Cosmetics in Canada range Mitty. Such an amazing brand and amazing website. If you live in Canada or close by, its now super duper easy and much quicker to get your Mitty fix......whoooohoooooo

You can purchase the below products:

The Pretty Lil Nails team in Hong Kong have joined the Mitty family. It's awesome for the Mitty family based in Hong Kong. You can now get your Mitty stuff so easy :)

You can purchase the below products:

Hola to the team at Divas Club based in Brazil. Divas Club is just starting out. So if you live close by to beautiful Brazil help an awesome website grow and prosper.

You can purchase the below products:

  • Mitty Chrome Powders
  • Mitty Shattered Flake Powders
  • Mitty Magical Fairy Dust Holo Powder

The amazing team at Justnails range lots of awesome Mitty goodies. So if you live in Denmark and need you Mitty fix super quick, head over to


If you live in the mighty USA, you can get your Mitty goodies from Color4Nails. Super service and super quick delivery. We are delighted to have Color4Nails as part of the Mitty family.

Mitty Retails in Australia
  • Maconii located in Chapel Street ​Prahran Victoria 


If you would also like to stock Mitty products, please email us at


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