Are you tired of dealing with messy chrome powders that seem to fly everywhere when you breathe on them? Well, worry no more, as the latest IT product in the nail world has arrived – Liquid Chrome! This revolutionary nail product is designed to give you shinier results with less hassle, making it easier than ever to achieve the coveted mirror finish for your nails.

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What is Liquid Chrome?

Liquid Chrome is a cutting-edge nail product that offers a hassle-free way to achieve a stunning mirror finish on your nails. Unlike traditional chrome powders, this liquid formula is easy to apply, thanks to its doe-foot applicator. The Liquid Chrome adheres evenly to the nail, providing a smooth and reflective surface that dazzles with its shine.

How to Apply Liquid Chrome

If you've never worked with Liquid Chrome before, you could be mistaken for thinking it's the same as chrome powders. Certainly, the results bear the same mirror shine effect. But applying it is a little different.

Let's break down the steps:

Learn how to apply mitty liquid chrome nail polish

  • Apply two coats of colour: Start by applying your favourite nail colour as you normally would. This sets the foundation for the chrome to shine on.

  • Apply non-wipe top coat: After your colour coats have dried, apply a non-wipe top coat and cure it for 20 seconds using a UV or LED lamp. The top coat creates a smooth base for the Liquid Chrome application.

  • Apply Liquid Chrome: Now comes the exciting part! Take the doe-foot applicator and either dab or swipe the Liquid Chrome onto your nails. Ensure you apply an even layer, covering the majority of the nail surface.

  • Let it dry: Allow the Liquid Chrome to dry for about 10-15 seconds or until it becomes slightly tacky. If you've applied a thicker layer, it may require a bit more time to dry properly.

  • Rub it in: Gently rub the Liquid Chrome into your nails using your finger, and watch the magic happen as the mirror finish starts to emerge.

  • Seal the look: To ensure the longevity of your stunning chrome nails, apply a top coat once again and cure it for 60 seconds under the UV or LED lamp.

Follow these steps and you'll have mirrored nails that look like they were done in the salon.

Tips for Perfect Liquid Chrome Nails

We know that trying out new nail products can be a bit of nail-biting experience. That's why we asked our experts for their top Liquid Chrome tips.

Read our liquid chrome expert tips | Mitty nails

  • Trust the process! Depending on the type of top coat or lamp you use, you might need to adjust the curing time. Be patient and allow the products to work their magic.

  • Don't panic if it feels like the chrome's coming off. While the Liquid Chrome is still wet, it might feel like you're wiping it right off your nails. Just keep rubbing until it starts to feel tacky and grippy. This is when the shine will truly come through.

  • Patchiness is not a problem. If your chrome looks patchy or grainy once it's dried, don't fret. Apply a bit more Liquid Chrome and repeat the rubbing process. This will reactivate the existing chrome and provide a more uniform finish.

  • A sponge is your friend! If you accidentally apply too much Liquid Chrome or it's taking too long to dry, use a clean sponge applicator to gently dab and absorb some of the excess liquid.

  • Don't be afraid to multitask. To make the application process smoother, apply Liquid Chrome to five fingers at once. By the time you finish, the first finger should be mostly dry, allowing you to move on seamlessly.

Liquid Chrome is Changing the Game

Liquid Chrome offers a quicker, cleaner way to achieve the mirror finish you've always dreamed of. With its easy application and impressive results, it's no wonder why nail enthusiasts worldwide are raving about this revolutionary product. 

We hope our guide has helped answer any questions you might have about Liquid Chrome nail polish. If you want to try your hand at this dazzling art, make sure you check out our full collection of Liquid Chrome nail polishes.

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Comments (2)

Hi I only use bio sculpture gel. Can you use the liquid chrome over it? Thanks

Sensational Touch

I was lucky enough to grab a set of these from my supplier, and all I can say is your missing out if you don’t grab yourself a set today. Worth every cent! The chrome is dazzlingly bright. You will look at your current powder chromes with disappointment after seeing these liquid chromes in real life.
Very happy customer here. Thank you Mitty.

Leanne H