@florenails secret is out! When I first saw this beautiful nail art design, I wanted to know how I could re-create it. I never thought this stunning nail art design was done by highlighters! How amazing is that???

Thanks to @florenails for sharing her secret, here is how you can re-create it. (Be sure to tag both @mitty_burns and @florenails to your re-creations)

1. Apply white base coat 
2. Add a matte top coat if the white base coat wasn't already matte.
3. Pick out your (selection of colours) highlighters 
4. (optional recommended) apply latex barrier 
5. Dip a q-tip in water and blot blot blot at the highlighters to make them blend into each other. 
6. When you get your desired result. Spin over to the dry side of the q-tip and dab the excess water. 
7. Apply either a matte top coat or a glossy. 
Click here to watch the tutorial video.
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