OMG! I love my nails and the day that one of them breaks its like the worst day of my life UNTIL now. Like you, I have watched tutorials and when I have done it, errr it didn't work. After lots of trials and errors, I have come up with a way to make sure it works every time. I am now going to share this with you. 

What you will need is:

  • A tea bag that you have emptied the tea out
  • Clear Gel polish- top coat
  • LED/UV light for curing
  • A nail file


Cut a very small piece of tea bag and put it aside. Now apply a small amount of top coat on your nail (where its broken) and gently put the tea bag piece that you cut on top of it.

Add a little bit of top coat cover your piece of tea bag. Now cure for 30 seconds or as recommended. (Some top coats need longer to cure, mine is 30 seconds).

Gently file it down to even out the surface of your nail. Now apply gel top coat polish on your nail and cure it. All done that easy!!!

Here is a video:

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