Help! Can't open my nail polish! Noooooo

Help! Can't open my nail polish! Noooooo

Have you ever had an amazing nail art idea, then you painted your based coat. Your base code was almost dried and you wanted to open your nail polishes to create your nail art design? Well guess what! The nail polish bottle just wouldn't open! And now you have smudged your based coat too.... Arggggggggggg! 

I've done that many many times until I found these nail art ideas:

Nail Art Idea number one:

Put a rubber band around the handle of your polish. Why? This will give you a better grip to open the polish.

Nail art idea number two:

If the rubber band fails, try leaving your nail polish in hot water. Why? Hot water will loosen the plastic and loosen the lid. (Warning: Don't burn your swatching hand LOL)

Nail art tip:

To avoid this problem all together, clean around the neck of your nail polish with nail polish remover and add some petroleum jelly using an ear bud. 

Do you have any tips & tricks? Comment below

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  • Mandy: January 16, 2017

    I actually keep a small grippy pad/jar opener thing with my base and top coat for this very purpose. The pads are cheap and you can cut them to suit the size needed to open nail polish bottles.

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