N​​ail aficionados, get ready to indulge in guilt-free glam! We're thrilled to introduce you to Mitty's latest innovation in the world of nail care: our sensational 83% Plant Based Nail Polish.

At Mitty, we're not big believers in compromise. And you shouldn't ever have to sacrifice style when you choose a plant based beauty product. That's why we've developed this innovative Plant Based Nail Polish that will let you achieve salon-quality nails at home.

In this article, we'll take you on a journey through the eco-friendly, vibrant world of our Plant Based Nail Polish collection while sharing tips on achieving the perfect manicure.

83% Plant Based Ingredients

​​When it comes to expressing your individuality through nail art, our Plant Based Nail Polish lets you achieve your vision without compromising your values.

Our nail polish is formulated with an impressive 83% plant-derived ingredients sourced from sugarcane, manioc, potato, and corn. We've harnessed the natural beauty of these natural ingredients to bring you 36 vibrant colours (plus a top coat and a base coat) for you to create your miniature masterpieces with.

Highlights of our Plant Based Nail Polish collection

​​With 38 colours now available for pre-order and dozens more to come, our 83% Plant Based Nail Polish collection is a perfect fit for any style. Take a quick look at some of the exciting colours currently featured on our website, or click here to browse the whole collection.


Apple of My Eye 

Apple of my eye plant based nail polish

​​Like taking a bite of the biggest, reddest apple you’ve ever seen, Mitty’s ‘​​ Apple of My Eye’ ​​ Plant Based Nail Polish is a celebration of freshness. ​​Embodying the magic of fairy tales, this polish will enchant anyone who lays eyes on it!


Hi Ken

The perfect shade to wrap around the steering wheel of your sports car, ‘Hi Ken’ Plant Based Nail Polish summons images of glamour, speed, and style. Find that perfect balance of funky and kitsch with a playful tone that’s more than Kenough.


Love in Mist

Mysterious, dramatic, and cool — wearing ‘Love in Mist’ Plant Based Nail Polish feels like stepping out of a forest clearing and into a secret garden. Give yourself over to the mysteries of romance with this subtle yet striking shade.


Spaced Out

​​ For a style that’s truly out of this world, try ' ​​Spaced Out’ ​​ Plant Based Nail Polish — a glittery purple perfect for that Glam Rock look. ​​Gaze into the wonders of the great unknown with this cosmic hue.



Sunshine plant based nail polish

It’s never too early to start planning for the summer, and this bold, blazing yellow is the perfect choice. Get ready for things to heat up, because Mitty’s ‘Sunshine’ Plant Based Nail Polish is summer in a bottle!

Long-Lasting Plant Power

​​At Mitty, we believe in guilt-free pampering. That's why our nail polish is proudly certified vegan and cruelty-free. You can indulge in beauty that aligns with your values, knowing no furry friends were harmed in the process.

But you know what? We care just as much about results as you do. That's why we've made sure our Plant Based Nail Polish has remarkable staying power. Our formula is designed to keep your manicure looking great. Whether you're typing away at your desk or hitting the dance floor, your nails will stay vibrant.

Another benefit of our plant based formula is unrivalled breathability. Unlike other nail polishes which can smother your nails with heavy, harsh chemicals, our breathable formula helps keep your nails nourished and healthy, even when adorned with gorgeous colours. It's a win-win for your style and your nail health.

Sustainability at Heart: Eco-Friendly Packaging

​​Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the polish itself. We've carefully chosen eco-friendly materials like glass and bamboo for our packaging, ensuring every aspect of your Mitty experience leaves a minimal environmental footprint. So, not only will your nails look fantastic, but you'll also feel fantastic about your choice.

Ready for a plant-powered makeover? Check out Mitty Nails online store to see every colour we currently have available for preorder!


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