Gel Removal Kit

$39.95 AUD

Gel Removal Kit

This Mitty Cleaning kit is designed for easy & quick gel product removal. Safe clean, and totally reusable. Mitty Cleaning tools are professional salon quality. Recommended and trusted by 3000 nail salons around the world.

This kit includes:

1x twin pack of Baby Pink polish off soakies

1x Gel product scrapper & cuticle pusher tool kit in matte black

1x 100/180 grit combo nail file

*please note, this kit does not include acetone*

How to use this gel removal kit:

Whether you are removing gel nail polish or nail extension, there are a few steps that are important to follow to ensure you remove your nails safely at home without damaging your nails. Below are these steps:

    1. File as much of the nail product as you can using a low grit nail file like Mitty 100/100 grit nail file. This step can be much easier if a nail file (e-file) like Mitty portable nail drill and using Smooth Top Barrel-Medium nail drill bit. Please remember that you need to be trained how to use a nail drill otherwise you could over file and damage your nails.

    2. Now we need to soak the nails with pure acetone. Cut a cotton pad into 4 peices. Now place acetone on the pad, slip the pad inside the Mitty Polish Off Soakies included in this kit and slide the Soakie onto your finger. 

    3. Wait 10-15 minutes and remove the Soakies. Use the included Cuticle Pusher and Gel Polish Scraper to remove softened gel. If all products are not removed, repeat step 1-3 until all gel products are removed. 

    4. Once all gel products are removed, buff the surface of your nails and apply a good quality cuticle oil like Mitty 100% certified Australian organic Cuticle Juice