Frequently asked questions

Builder gel is a specially design gel that is thicker and helps with weak, brittle nails or anyone that wants to grow their nails longer. It's applied over natural nails or nail tips.

BIAB is Builder in A Bottle and referred to builder gel that comes in a bottle

Builder gel is thicker and stronger than regular gel polish. It's primarily used to build and strengthen nails, whereas gel polish is mainly for adding colour and shine.

Builder gel typically lasts for 2-4 weeks depending on factors like your nail growth and how well you care for your nails. Proper application and maintenance can extend its longevity.

When applied and removed correctly, builder gel shouldn't damage natural nails. In fact, it can actually protect and strengthen them. However, improper removal or over-filing can cause damage.

It is also important to ensure the builder gel that you use does not contain toxic or chemicals that can harm the natural nails

Yes, you can paint over builder gel nails with regular nail polish or gel polish. Just make sure the builder gel is properly cured. Plus you don't need a base coat or remove the tacky layer.

Builder gels come in different colours. Clear builder gel is transparent and is often used as a base layer so that you can apply any gel polish colour that you like. This means that you can have more options without having to purchase more builder gels. Colour builder gels provide specific colours that which you don't need to apply gel polish therefore quicker application.