Mitty 54W Charging Instructions


Charging Instructions (First use)

When you unbox your lamp ensure it is turned off before starting to charge (the on/off switch the little 0 should be down.

Connect power supply that came with your lamp (**Very important only use this power supply at all times**) to lamp and power point

Turn on power at power point, you will see blue lights come on. Do not turn the lamp on, let it charge. (sometimes 2-3 blue lights will come on)

Charging for first use should be 8hrs. Even if all 4 lights are solid blue, let your lamp charge for 8hrs for the first use

** Useful tips**

We recommend charging your Mitty 54W lamp every day after use.

Do not leave lamp on charge over night unattended.

Mitty 54W lamp can be used cordless or connected to power a supply.

4 Blue lights = full charge, 3 Blue Lights = 3/4 charge

2 Blue Lights = 1/2 charge, 1 Blue Light = 1/4 charge

Last light indicating RED = Do not cure without charging first

or connecting to power supply via adapter