Mitty Portable Nail Drill User Manual

Thank you for choosing the Mitty Portable Nail Drill (e-file). We are confident that you will love this powerful e-file nail drill. However before starting to use your new nail drill, please read this user manual carefully to avoid damaged caused by improper use to your nail drill. 

E-file Components:


Operating Instructions:

  • Charge the e-file prior to use for the first time until the nail drill is fully charged. It takes 8 hours for the battery to fully charge the first time but it shortens to 1.5-2 hours afterward. 
  • Plug the hand piece into the e-file
  • Insert the desired nail drill bit to the hand piece ensuring the barrel is moved to the locked position
  • Using the 4. Switch & Speed Controller, turn the e-file on and choose desire speed


Looking after your e-file

  • Do not charge e-file for over 12 hours
  • Turn your e-file off when it is not being used
  • Keep your e-file in a room with temperature from 0°C-  40C°
  • Keep your e-file away from excessive dust, heat and damp places
  • Take care not to drop the hand piece as it can damage the ball bearing and reduce the durability of the hand piece
  • This is a professional only product and the user must be trained in use of e-file
  • Always use the e-file on a dry & clean surface
  • Before each use, inspect for loose parts and unusual vibration. If an abnormal problem is detected, do not use and contact the store where you purchased the e-file or contact Mitty directly.
  • Don't attempt to disassemble the e-file by an untrained/unauthorised person. 


Problem Solving


  • Clean the e-file regularly with a soft cloth or brush to remove any dust and particles. Unplug the e-file before cleaning
  • This e-file is designed with Automatic Overload Protection to protect against over heating. Rest the e-file for 15 minutes after continual use at full capacity for an hour. 
  • Do not apply lubricant anywhere on the e-file
  • Do not place e-file in liquid
  • Ensure the cord that connects the e-file to hand piece is not bent too much. 
  • Do not unlock hand piece barrel whilst the e-file is on
  • To change from forward and reverse, ensure to turn the e-file off