Fireworks Showcase

Fireworks Showcase

$68.00 AUD

Use on normal or gel polish! The choice is yours

With Mitty Fireworks you can design the most random bling, totally unique nailart designs EVER! 

This pack has x7 Fireworks sets. Amazing

1x Shula (Red)

1x Basia (Green)

1x Tarsa (Silver)

1x Paru (Gold)

1x Blasa (Blue)

1x Vesta (Pink)

1x Flamma (Purple)

The best part is that you don't even need gel polish. You can apply over normal polish or nail glue. Whoohoo 

How to get really amazing nails. 

1. Paint your nails the base colour that you want. 

2. There are a number of ways to apply. You can add a little bit of the flakes onto a surface and roll your finger into it for a random look. Or you can use a set of tweezers to apply where you want.

3. You can clean around your nails with Mitty Clean Pro Angular and gentle nail polish remover. 

4.It is very important to apply a top coat otherwise the effect will rub off. 

 Each Fireworks Powder set contains:

7x .2g tub of Mitty Fireworks powder 

7x handy resealable limited edition  pouch.

Mitty Fireworks powders are made with FDA, EU, & AU compliant ingredients. Cosmetic grade pigments.

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