Lots of Dots

Lots of Dots

$9.95 AUD

What We Love about this Nail Art Dotting Tool:

Lots of Dots is  perfect for creating dots and flowers, or swirling polish together for a dry marble technique or a drag technique. Also useful for filling in small areas in your nail art designs. A truly dotty experience.

Great with either polish or acrylic paint.

The metal tip of this nail art tool is perfectly shaped and is solid metal unlike some cheaper alternatives.
This Lots of Dots dotting tool body  is perfectly shaped and balanced. The premium quality metal tip ensures nail polish is distributed evenly and preciously with little effort. This dotting tool just simply fits into the contours of your hand, you can feel the quality

Cleaning Nail Art Brushes:

The brush can be easily cleaned with gentle non-acetone nail polish remover.
Always clean your brush immediately after use.
We recommend the use of non-acetone polish only.
For more information, visit our care instruction page.

How to Use this Nail Art Brush for:

This unique dotting tool can be used to create dots, flowers, leopard print and many more designs just like this wild design by @nailsandtowel

Freedom is design, design to be free
Share your freedom #look_mitty

Nail Art Brush Details:

1 Brush
1 Lid
Brush Head: Solid metal tip
Body: Acetone resistant powder coated metal
Length:  15 cm

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